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UK Startup Tevva Begins Building 7.5-Tonne Electric Truck

UK Startup Tevva Begins Building 7.5-Tonne Electric Truck

The company wants to sell 1,000 of these electric and hydrogen range extender trucks this year.

Tevva is an electric truck startup founded in 2013 that has just announced it has begun production of its very first vehicle, a 7.5-tonne (16,500-pound) delivery truck in the United Kingdom. The plan is to sell 1,000 vehicles this year, including to the Royal Mail, as well as home improvement retailer Travis Perkins, among others.

Next year it also wants to begin production of a 19-tonne (41,890-pound) hydrogen fuel cell truck, which it plans to sell not only in the UK, but also Europe and eventually the United States too. The company unveiled its first vehicle back in July of 2022 and so far it has raised $140-million in capital.

It has actually been testing prototypes in real-world conditions since 2019 as it ran a fleet of 15 prototype electric delivery trucks in partnership with UPS in the UK. The truck has a relatively small 105 kWh LFP battery pack that’s good for up to 140 miles (225 km) on one charge.

That’s more than adequate since it has been envisioned as a last-mile delivery solution. Later in 2023, Tevva says it also intends to begin production of a hydrogen fuel cell range extender version of the truck. Its range should increase to 354 miles (570 km), making it a more versatile vehicle that’s suited for more roles.


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