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About Company

From the beginning, Overseas Logistics Services LLC envisioned the future, and then we enabled it with transportation, technology, and logistics solutions that connect our customers to the global marketplace.

Overseas Logistics Services LLC realizes world works changes, but change has never been more rapid than right now. In this fast-moving global economy, clients needs a forwarder who will do absolutely, positively whatever it takes to anticipate your needs and evolve accordingly. We are this forwarder.

Overseas Logistics Services LLC, which is aiming to become one of the local leading providers of transportation and logistics solutions, has achieved this stature through the support of customers who recognize the value derived from our services and view us as an integral link between themselves, their suppliers, and customers. We have long understood the value of the role of transportation industry and information in helping provide the superior services for which we are known. We have coupled the power of information with our worldwide physical network to meet our customers’ global logistics and transportation needs.

Overseas Logistics Services LLC is committed to adding value as your transportation carrier. We have implemented many value-added services to meat your business expectation:

  • Strategically placed automation linked solution with Air Port, Port and Customs authority to increase efficiency and expedite the freight process. 
  • Handled dangerous and hazardous goods when other forwarders could not handle the special arrangements.
  • Customer/supplier alignments that Overseas Logistics Services LLC local and International business partner operations have created operations. This has fostered excellent ongoing communications, allowing immediate reaction to last minute changes in business.
  • Solutions for the unique pick up and delivery needs of special projects.
  • We have comprehensive operations, sales, and communications infrastructure in the industry.

The future will hold its unique challenges. Give your customers a freight partner with an established history of performance, growth, resources, and dependability. Overseas Logistics Services LLC is that partner.

Since we become one of the market recognized and trusted name for cargo pick up and delivery services, and the name that customers relied over the years. Overseas Logistics Services LLC ownership in service and technology provide customers opportunities to increase performance and efficiency, while reducing overall costs.

What We Do


To become one of the local leading providers of transportation and logistics solutions industry, for local and international business needs


To perform and consistently rise to the challenge whenever the customer call, handling time-consuming paperwork’s, being flexible on our operations or pricing costing and make our customers a top priority whether it is moving shipments from Europe to UAE or to the other parts of the World.


" People Dedicated to People" this is our value code
The highest standards.
Overseas has zero tolerance for forced labor or human rights violations of any kind. Our Human Rights Policy outlines how we treat everyone that our business reaches — our employees, our customers, and the people in our supply chain. Overseas business partners, customers and employees are held to the highest standards of labor and human rights, health and safety, environmental stewardship, and ethics.

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